Available Therapy Tools

The Follow Me Relationship Cards provide a shared experience for couples to develop their skill in sharing inner thoughts and feelings with one another. These 27 cards provide 5 prompts on each card.

To use the deck, simply select a card; then role a die to determine which prompt (1 through 5) with which to respond to your partner:
  1. Ask your partner a question;
  2. Tell your partner about yourself;
  3. Express a Gratitude about your partner, friend, or relative or about anything for which you feel gratitude;
  4. Request a behavior from your partner; or
  5. Offer something to your partner.
If you roll a 6, you pick which prompt from the card to use.

Alternatively, simply use one or two cards while your driving or sharing a quiet moment over dinner.

Use these cards anyway you wish to deepen your understanding of one another. And, if you get deeper into a conversation, go with that. The goal is not to complete the deck, but to make your relationship more complete.

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